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You've Got To Be Kid-ding Me: 'The Walking Dead' Reveals A Tragic Season 7 Easter Egg We Missed

It is batter up as we return to AMC's The Walking Dead and one of the most visceral scenes to grace network television.

'The Walking Dead' [Credit:AMC]

It is batter up as we return to AMC's The Walking Dead and one of the most visceral scenes to grace network television. We all remember the Season 7 premiere as two of our favorite characters had their melons bashed in, but now it seems that we may have missed an even more tragic Easter Egg hiding in plain sight.

Just like an officer one day from retirement, a joyful announcement is never that joyful on #TheWalkingDead, and the show has something of an awkward relationship with pregnancy. Sarah Wayne Callie's Lori died in childbirth, while Glenn Rhee never got to hold his bouncing baby boy before he took that bat to the head. While Sgt. Abraham Ford found himself in the same bloody boat as Glenn, there is a shocking reveal that he too may have had his family life cut short.

A Bump In The Road

Speaking on the Season 7 DVD commentary, actor #MichaelCudlitz revealed that we all missed a certain baby bump from the climax of "The Day Will Come When You Won't Be." If you remember, the episode wrapped with that poignant "What If" flash forward where everyone was living a Negan-less life. With Glenn and Abe joking with their respective partners, Glenn was holding his future son. However, according to Cudlitz, he can also confirm that the scene featured a pregnant Sasha eating for two:

"Also, which people may or may not care, this is the future of what may have been, and you can see a little baby bump on Sasha, which not everybody gets all the time. But Sasha, in the future, in Rick's 'What Could Have Been,' we are having a future where Sasha and Abraham could do that."

Sadly, Sasha wasn't destined for motherhood, and actress #SonequaMartinGreen gracefully bowed her character out in the Season 7 finale instead of becoming #Negan's bargaining chip. While it is all alternate realities and hopes of a future that will never come to pass, it must bring a tear to your eye to know that somewhere Abraham and Sasha were supposed to be parents.

While the alternate future flash would look more at home on a show like Lost, showrunner #ScottGimple also revealed that we were meant to spend more of the premiere focusing on that "What If" reality:

"There was more shot for that future stuff. In the end, though -- thinking about what happened, thinking about what could still happen, and invoking that, which was the plan -- just having that piece there, I felt really it was one of those moments in the editing room where you think, 'Ah, I don't think that'll work.' And you throw it up there and you're like, 'Holy shit. It works.' And to give that to the audience without expectation, and yet justify it, I really was impressed by that."

Although the extended scene didn't air with the episode, it will thankfully appear alongside the commentary track on the Blu-ray release, so see if you can spot Sasha's baby bump.

The "Sunday Dinner" scene has already seen the likes of Glenn, Abe, and Sasha step away from the table, and we're guessing that a few more familiar faces will be leaving their seats empty by the end of Season 7. As for Abraham and Sasha, just imagine what a sassy little "suck my nuts" toddler they would've produced. Afro hair and a ginger moustache? Now that is the kind of crazy Robert Kirkman character I can get on board with.

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You've Got To Be Kid-ding Me: 'The Walking Dead' Reveals A Tragic Season 7 Easter Egg We Missed
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